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Sense is a national charity that supports people who are deafblind, have sensory impairments or complex needs, to enjoy more independent lives. Our expertise in supporting individuals with communication needs benefits people of all ages, as well as their families and carers. We provide information and advice, offer a wide range of flexible services and campaign passionately for the rights of the people we serve. 

Bethan Jones€ 50,00

MARTIN!!! There's only one man / superhero who can do this race so many times! Go smash it! X

jan graells€ 25,00

Admirable sir! but you better run faster this year or no more donations next year ;-)

Jade Langley€ 50,00

Go Martin, go Martin, GO!!!

Paul Wilsomn€ 50,00

Miriam Casado de Leon€ 50,00

Rich Andreasson€ 50,00

Go get them Martin! Great cause!

dionysis morfis€ 25,00

for the running club!!

Ana Carolina Miranda Antonio€ 50,00

leanne woollard€ 50,00

Good Luck :)

Elena Lambrou€ 25,00

Nene Iwebuke€ 25,00

Keep up the good work.

Jorge Landazuri€ 50,00

Andy Sandall€ 50,00

All the best Martin! Smash it!!!

Scott Milsom€ 50,00

Irina Gaponova€ 50,00

Esra Samrioglu€ 50,00

Ashlee Kessler€ 50,00

Anton Richards€ 50,00


Emma McEachan€ ---

Run Kleinman, run!

Utente anonimo€ 50,00

Support 'Sense' with Martin (running London Marathon 2017)Martin Kleinman ha raccolto€ 875,00 20 donatori