Asha: Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism

Apoyo y servicios para las personas con discapacidad

Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism (ASHA) Charitable Trust was established in 1995 to provide educational and related services to individuals with autism. Starting with three children in the year 1995, we now cater to more than 60 children at our main school.

The services we offer at our centre includes early intervention, primary education and pre vocational education. The unique feature about ASHA is our teacher to student ratio of 1:2. This ratio helps teachers bond with the student and provide a more personalised and effective approach to intervention. The maximum number of children in each classroom is 6 with 3 teachers.

ASHA’s multi-therapy approach to intervention also helps the child find an intervention through which he/she can learn most effectively. We provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, physio therapy, arts based therapy, yoga, play therapy and dance. We constantly innovate and try out new ways of teaching. More recently, we have been using technology as a means of intervention and the results have been promising.

To bring about a change in the lives of children with autism, we conduct awareness campaigns at various corporate offices, mainstream schools, colleges and push for a change in the legislation. We have been a part of many rallies, walkathons and organised a human chain to encourage the Government to provide better services for individuals with autism.

The Assessment, Training and Guidance Centre is a part of ASHA is mainly involved in conducting workshops every month for parents and teachers to improve their understanding about autism, skill development, management of behaviours and various other topics. The centre also has a counsellor to address the parents concerns and provide a support. We also have a doctor who visits us regularly to manage any health problems in the children. Regular weekend programs and summer camps are conducted for children with learning problems from mainstream schools.

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