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Art and Autism and why I want to make a difference

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Imagine yourself in a foreign country where no one speaks any of the languages you know. No Google Translate, nothing. How would you communicate what you want? How would you feel? Frustrated? Anxious?

Individuals with autism also face something similar everyday of their lives. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects communication, language and imagination. It’s also a spectrum disorder which means the level of impairment of skills varies with each individual. 

During my schooling days, I happened to come across a child of one of my teachers. He showed developmental delays. I remember my teacher putting a lot of effort in providing him with basic education.The different techniques that were employed to develop different skills in him stayed in my mind. This was my first introduction to Special Education.

In course of time, I had some free time at hand and wanted to use it better. ASHA was a natural choice. I began to volunteer here and I was introduced to the world of Autism. My first impression of Autism was weird, mysterious. It was so strange for me to experience a perfectly healthy child, who in scientific terms is called verbal, finding it so difficult to communicate. Unable to put across his thoughts, built up frustration, anxiety in him.

To make my time meaningful at ASHA, I enrolled myself for a Diploma in Special Education at Bengaluru. My course threw a new light on Autism. Children with Autism are so innocent. Deficits in communication, a concrete understanding of language make it difficult for them to be part of active social groups.

ASHA has always been conducting various intervention programs to cater to every child’s needs and deficits.

One of the therapies that have been working very well with our children is the creative intervention where music dominates the environment. Surprisingly, Children with sensitivity to sound, movement  are also very comfortable in a musical environment

The idea of creative intervention program came about as we wanted to try out a comprehensive approach. Our creative intervention program has been running for many years and has been immensely successful. One of the reasons is that it is a complete therapy. We include dance, music and drama and all three focus on the main deficits of autism which are poor communication, language and imagination. The program runs for 2 months at the end of which there’s a finale where the children get to perform in front of the parents, teachers and friends.

I am personally involved in this year’s creative intervention program and I want to make it bigger than ever. I want to include all the 60 children and also children from the mainstream schools for them and their parents to understand what autism is.

Help me raise 1300 euros to put up a good show for the children of ASHA. A small amount of Rs. 1175 can help put one child on the stage.

Thank you for taking time to read my campaign. Your donation will go a long way in intervention for children with autism and also bring about awareness, sensitivity about autism in the mainstream schools.

Each one of you is welcome for the grand finale on Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at Cubbon Park, Bengaluru. I extend my invitation to all of you to visit ASHA and get an insight of our amazing children.

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Priya Vijayan Priya Vijayan  

Creative Intervention Program to Achieve Therapeutic Goals

A 90 minute dance drama presentation ‘Dynasties of India’ by children with autism

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Asha Asha: Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism


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Creative Intervention Program to Achieve Therapeutic Goals

Autism is a neurological condition affecting 1 in 68 children according to the Centre for Disease Control, USA (2014). Individuals with autism have difficulty with

Apart from these three major impairments, individuals with autism have difficulties with generalisation, understanding social cues, some may be verbal or non verbal and many display obsessive interests and repetitive behaviours and poor motor skills. Autism is a spectrum disorder – the level of difficulty varies with each individual. It is a matter of concern that the cause of autism has not been found and therefore there is no treatment available.


The Problem Presently, ASHA has 60 children with autism and most have a severe form of autism that includes severe behavioural problems, caused by hyper or hyposensitivity to noise, light, smell and the environment. Behaviour problems are also due to the fact that they have poor communication and experience frustration because of it. Poor motor skills affect their posture, difficulty with writing and this affects their classroom learning. They also have poor generalisation skills and are not able to apply what has been taught in the classroom to the real world. This also permeates to their daily living skills that are often poor.

Children with autism learn best on one to one teaching methodology and this make education more expensive. Parents find it difficult to provide for and many children with autism are often kept at home as the parents simply cannot afford to send them to a school! Special schools are also not able to help these children as there are no social service provisions and legislations set by the Government.

Apart from these problems that affect our children directly, the attitude of the society at large towards autism and disability is not a favourable one. Disability is often viewed as unproductive in India and even when we take our children for our weekly outing programs, people often stare and laugh. There is a need to break this attitude and build acceptance within the society towards autism. 


The parents of children with autism are often under a lot of stress as they have to manage their children and as they display negative behaviours in unfamiliar environments, parents do not take them out often. The parents are also not able to go out and enjoy an active social life or take a break. Parents are often demotivated and have very little hope for their children.

Intervention for autism is mainly through intensive and varied therapies. It can be in the form of speech therapy, early intervention therapy, occupational and physiotherapy. Some newer forms of therapy such as yoga, arts based therapy and technology intervention has shown promising results.

ASHA has been providing varied therapies and classroom activities but we find it difficult to generalise skills learnt in the classroom to focus on their communication, language, motor skills and imagination.


Solution To help address all these issues and bring about awareness in the society, ASHA has been conducting a creative intervention program from the past 10 years. The practice sessions last for 60 days culminating in a 1 day finale where the children get to display their talents to all the parents, other organisations and mainstream schools on stage. This program is composed of dance, music and short dramas set to a particular topic. Our past programs focussed on topics such as Unity in Diversity, Evolution of Mankind, Ramayana, Krishna etc.

Below is a glimpse of the program we conducted last year on Hindu god ‘Krishna’.


This year, ASHA is conducting a creative intervention program titled ‘Dynasties of India’. This program will include short dramas, music and dance based on the historical kingdoms of pre-independent India which will be performed entirely by children with autism. The rehearsals and preparation for the program have already begun for the grand finale to be held on the 21st of January 2017 at Bal Bhavan, Bangalore, India.

To make the event truly inclusive, 20 children from mainstream schools will be participating in the final event. Through this, the parents and friends of these 20 children will understand more about children with autism and will be sensitised on disability.

The parents of children with autism after seeing their children perform on stage are often renewed with hope in the abilities of their children. One parent from our event reported “I never thought my son could act in a drama and that too on such a big stage! I’m very happy with his performance”.

The amount of preparation that happens for this event is enormous!

The theme of the event is finalised along with the script, dramas, music and dance segments. The music for the entire program is selected and recorded.

 The children are assigned roles based on their strengths and skills. Lessons are prepared by the teachers to explain the role of each child. The teachers then choreograph the dance movements and drama. The teachers then demonstrate live and through video recordings.

The music of the whole program is played repeatedly to the child for him/her to get familiarised with the flow of events.

The teachers and children prepare the props.

The children are trained on the stage entry, exit, stage dimensions and placement of props.


The rehearsals commence with children using the props and costumes for them to get comfortable with.


The final day looks like this!

Arranging a program of this scale takes time, effort and money. We are ready to devote the time and effort but we do need support with money. Arranging for costumes, preparing the props, venue fees, lighting, stage preparation, sound and computer graphics and refreshments in the form of snacks are a big part of the program.

Our expenses


Why we need you!                


Putting up such a grand event requires huge resources.

A small donation of Rs. 1,175 (17 Euro) can help put one child on stage.

A donation of Rs. 7000 (96 Euro) can help sponsor one event like a dance or a drama with 6 children on the stage! But we want to see all our 80 children on the stage!

This small gesture will not only help in putting a child on stage but also promote the development of essential skills in the children, bring awareness in the society about autism and bring hope to hundreds of parents!                      


We invite you to the grand finale in January 2017 to witness this grand and special event that’s very close to our hearts. You can also get to help us backstage or help our children get ready for the big day!


A big ‘Thank you’ from all of us at ASHA for your generosity and kindness and we look forward to your continued support.     


Please share our social action on Facebook and help spread the word and make a difference in the lives of our children.


Follow us on Facebook: /ashaforautism

Twitter: @ashaforautism

Web: www.ashaforautism.com

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