The Travel Foundation

The Travel Foundation

With your help, we can transform tourism and improve lives

Cooperation and development

Since 2003, we have been working closely with tourism destinations to develop programmes and initiatives that bring together tourism businesses, destination authorities and community groups to work together to transform the way that tourism is planned and managed


We support the travel industry to embrace new, sustainable ways of working, with measurable and tangible results.


Through our work, we are seeking:


1.       Secure, resilient and diverse livelihoods through tourism:


Small, local enterprises have increased opportunity, skills and confidence to access the tourism market, generating a secure income.


Local people have fair employment opportunities in tourism at all levels.


Local communities gain social and cultural benefits from tourism. 


2.       Better management of the environment through tourism: 


The natural environment is protected using revenue generated from tourism and through recognition of its value as a tourist attraction. 


Natural resources and biodiversity are better protected through improved practises in the tourism sector.


Local communities have fair access to natural resources.


Communities and businesses are better able to mitigate the risks of climate change and build resilience.


3.       Thriving destinations that tourists will want to visit long into the future

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