How to become a hero

With the effective use of the right tools, each one of us really can change the world.

Let’s start with our values

We have some specific points that we would like to share with you, to give you a fast and limitless tool to help you to be a hero and to respond to problems, old and new, with fresh solutions

  • 100% of the funds go to the Project

    All the funds collected will be used to solve the problem. There are no platform fees and we pay the transaction fees!

  • It’s open to everyone

    Anyone can make a donation or launch an Appeal, involving their friends in the venture.

  • It’s transparent

    Each of the Nonprofit Organisations must make a report of the funds received and update the fundraisers. They must use 100% of the funds exclusively for the Project and not for their management or marketing costs.

  • It’s

    Whether it’s a trip or fundraising, our mission is the same: to enrich the lives of people with smart technologies and innovative content to deliver unforgettable experiences.

A brief guide for large ventures

Are you a fundraiser or a Nonprofit Organisation? Are you a company or a donor?
Whatever your reasons, please follow the instructions and do something real for a problem you would like to see solved.

1/3 – Before the Appeal

Are you ready?

Get a clear idea about the Appeal you are creating. Think about your social network: make a list of how many people follow you and would be happy to help you.

Plan the timings, the reason for the Appeal and the intermediate targets you want to reach.

Let’s begin!

Choose the event that has given you the impetus that drives you: is it a celebration? A race? Or simply the desire to be helpful?

Choose the Project that you want to take part in: explore all the Projects, you could select one that’s close to you, search for the Nonprofit Organisation you want to help or propose one to invite.

Describe your Appeal

Now write your story, touch and involve the people who will be at your side during this venture.

The title should be brief yet descriptive; choose an effective image and add a great video especially made for the purpose. Would you like some tips?

Now describe it; write about the spirit of your Appeal. Express your final goal and your reasons, touch the hearts of your donors.

2/3 – During the Appeal

It’s time to launch the Appeal

If it all looks good to you, share your Appeal immediately, either on or offline

The aim is to spread word of your Appeal in an explosive manner: begin with people closest to you, involve friends and family.

Keep people interested

Bring your Appeal to life: share and give out bulletins on each stage of your venture, publish news and updates about its progress and the results achieved: have you received donations? Thank everyone. Have you achieved an intermediate goal? Share it!

Remember, you must always be ready to reply to comments from donors

3/3 – After the Appeal

Have you reached your goal?

Fantastic! Now the obligations. The Nonprofit Organisation that you have supported must start to compile an expenditure report of costs involved in creating the Project.

Your donors have put their faith in you, so it is up to you to keep them updated. Check that the Organisation you chose is progressing with the Project and the reporting

Didn’t you reach your target?

Don’t worry, you put yourself on the line and you tried. The amount you collected will be very useful to the Nonprofit Organisation as a step towards its problem!

Even if the goal was not reached, the selected Organisation can still receive the funds raised. Thank all your supporters and keep them updated on the reporting phase.

Create your Appeal

1/3 – Before the Project

Are you ready?

The first thing you need to do is register your Organisation. You will need to enter a good deal of information, all instrumental for building a relationship of trust with supporters.

Note: has a personal fundraiser made you aware of a Project you hadn’t thought about? Thank them and authorise the Appeal, then create the Project and connect it to the Appeal.

Enter your first Project

Plan your fundraising based on the priority of the problem, choose the type of Project and public you want to target . You can choose to speak just to donors or also involve possible personal fundraisers.

You can publish as many Projects as you want, offering a wider choice to donors and personal fundraisers.

Describe the impact

The description must include the technical data explained in a clear and direct manner. Describe why it is so urgent to accomplish this Project, stress the impact it could have on people’s lives

Explain the numbers: are there intermediary stages to complete with the initial funds? How many people will you help with the funds raised?

Show the change

Meke good use of pictures; it’s best to use a few, effective images. Show the current state of things and the results you are aiming for; show your supporters the importance of their contribution.

Remember, photographs must respect the dignity of the people in them. If you would like further information, please read our guidelines.

Talk about the intermediate phases

Every contribution is important: explain what you will do for each amount received or what can be done every time a specific sum is raised (for example, with €50 we can cover the cost of school books for two children).

If you don’t manage to reach your goal, don’t worry, you can change your plans, but tell your supporters clearly and honestly what you will do with the funds raised

2/3 – During the Project

Make your Project come to life

Based on your initial analysis, decide if you want to promote your Project to attract donors, personal fundraisers or both.

For a Project to be successful it needs to be vibrant! Share technical and progress updates, reply to comments and thank people for every donation received. Create a relationship with your supporters!

3/3 – After the Project

Have you reached your goal?

Congratulations! Thank everyone who participated, then put your solution into practice. In the meantime, you must report all the expenditure, and show your supporters how the funds they donated are being spent.

Didn’t you reach your target?

Don’t worry, you have worked hard towards solving a problem. Thank everyone who participated and explain how you will use the money raised. You will still have to carry out an expenditure report.

Invite your supporters to stay close to you and follow your activities. It will be better the next time, because you already know who you can count on!

Upload your Project

For donors

Check the incentives

Whether it’s a Project or an Appeal, keep an eye on the donor confidence key to verify the reliability of the Nonprofit Organisation and if your donation is eligible for any tax benefits.

Make your donation!

Select the amount you wish to donate and choose the payment method.

You can decide whether to donate anonymously, and to either show or conceal the amount donated. Either way, you can still leave an encouraging comment.

Do you want to do more?

Do you think you have the potential to become one of the heroes of lastminute Heroes?

Get involved, create your Appeal as a personal fundraiser, and you can raise funds in person, helping Nonprofit Organisations to meet their goals more rapidly!

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Do you still need some help?

Now that you have learnt about the basics, go further and use our tips to create a more effective and interesting Appeal.

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