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Fabio Cannavale Fabio Cannavale Lugano, Svizzera

Innovazione nel mondo delle Charity

of Fabio Cannavale
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Sono Fabio Cannavale, co founder e CEO del gruppo

Da imprenditore sono convinto che qualunque cosa fai, sia importante fare la differenza e  lastminute heroes può cambiare il mondo delle Charity portando efficienza e trasparenza.

Vi chiedo di aiutare la fondazione a coprire i costi di quanti più progetti possibili. Per ogni euro donato io raddoppierò  personalmente la donazione.

An Appeal of

Fabio Cannavale Fabio Cannavale Lugano, Svizzera

lastminute heroes

Technology serving those with ideas for change

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lastminute foundation An innovation for sustainable development


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lastminute heroes

Many Nonprofit Organisations do a good job but they do not know how to communicate, and have difficulty finding funds to help the needy. For this reason, the first project by the lastminute foundation is lastminute heroes, an online platform for personal fundraising, where Nonprofit Organisations can collect funds easily and at zero cost. In fact, the foundation covers all the costs, offers support to the organisations for the use of the platform and selects the most innovative and interesting projects to promote actively, with additional support from partners.

The platform is open to everyone, and anyone can donate or launch an Appeal, involving their friends in the venture.

With two important guarantees:

100% of the funds go to the Project

All the funds collected will be used to solve the problem. We do not keep anything, and there are no banking commissions or platform fees.

100% transparency

Each of the Nonprofit Organisations must make a report of the funds received and update the fundraisers. And they must use 100% of the funds exclusively for the Project and not for their management or marketing costs.

The Project

The platforms that offer Nonprofit Organisations this kind of service normally cover their own costs by charging a fee to donors or beneficiaries – usually between 5 and 15%.

Our platform is absolutely free and we want to guarantee the greatest possible effectiveness and the best service for Organisations, personal fundraisers and donors.  

For this we need everyone's support to cover:

- The actual running expenses for operating the platform (hosting, maintenance, bank charges for the credit card transactions…).


- The cost of the customer service, essential for ensuring excellent service and helping with the effective collection of funds; generally, this represents 40% of the costs for anyone managing a platform of this type.


- The cost of marketing to increase growth in the platform and to keep adding more projects and heroes who would like to support them.


To ensure the platform remains free and 100% of the funds go towards the projects, we also need to grow. We need to continue to increase the supporters who help us cover the actual running expenses; these are proportional to the funds collected and therefore we hope they will be high.


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