An Appeal of

Giulia Cardani  

Educacción - Digital education in action

of Giulia Cardani
Educacción -  Digital education in action
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Questo è quello che sto facendo in Guatemala con un gruppo di persone che come me credono ancora che insieme si possano fare cose incredibili per cambiare la condizione di isolamento, povertà, aridità culturale e la mancanza di risorse e opportunità.
Noi forse crediamo in   però sappiamo che si può fare; perché lo facciamo ogni giorno! 
Partendo da quattro comunità indigene nel mezzo della giungla del Guatemala, da un'oasi di educazione innovativa per 600 bambini, adolescenti e giovani donne. Passo dopo passo, avventura dopo avventura, con fatica e grande soddisfazione. 

Qui promuoviamo l'accesso all'informazione, all'educazione e in particolare l'educazione digitale. Sappiamo che oggi con la tecnologia ogni persona ha un potenziale enorme e braccia infinite

Se puoi FARE LA TUA PARTE te ne saremo immensamente grati e ti daremo tutti gli aggiornamenti con la massima trasparenza. Se non puoi aiutare; CONDIVIDI!



This is what I am doing in Guatemala with a bunch of people who like me still believe that together you can do incredible things yo change the condition of isolation, poverty, cultural aridity and the lack of resources and opportunities.
We may believe in   but we know that it can be done; we do it every day! 
We started from supporting four indigenous communities in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle, with an oasis of innovative education for 600 children, teenagers and young women. Step by step, adventure after adventure, with fatigue and great satisfaction. 

Here we promote access to information, education and in particular digital education.

We know that today with technology each person has huge potential and infinite arms 

If you can DO YOUR PART we will be immensely grateful and we will give you all the updates with the utmost transparency. If you can't help; SHARE!

Thank you 

An Appeal of

Giulia Cardani  

Educacción - Digital education in action

Access to digital education and information to make a difference in the future of the indigenous youth in Alta Verapaz

A project of

Li Ch'utam Digital literacy for a quality education


€ 20 reached
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Educacción -  Digital education in action

With YOUR help we can give students the appropriate, high-quality tools they need to be able to choose a future free of poverty and connect with the world.

Li Ch'utam works in a very remote area where students have to travel to larger cities to study, get books, or have easy access to information. This means very high costs in terms of transport, Internet payment in the Internet cafe, expenses to print material, and time. Oftentimes it is also dangerous to travel alone (especially for children and young women). With such high levels of poverty and other commitments to their families, students cannot afford these expenses.

AS A RESULT: Students cannot access resources to study, get information, or explore alternative careers.

At Li Ch'uatm, we believe access to information and education is essential and should be universal and free

To help reach this goal, an IT and Knowledge Center was opened in April 2018 with the aim of giving students access  to information and free education through two programs:

1.     Computer Technology Education Program;

2.     Education Reference Centre;

1. The Computer Technology Education Programwas born from Li Ch'utam's conviction that digital literacy and technology are key tools that have enormous potential to provide access to educationawareness, and information. The center offers 20 computers and each contains digital educational programs. Since students have little to no knowledge in computer science, we offer courses at different levels to learn to use a computer and its main programs. We believe that these skills and knowledge in computing and programming represent excellent opportunities for students to enter the job market with attractive and competitive competencies.


To address the weaknesses of the school system and the absence of opportunities and stimuli for children, Li Ch'utam has created an Education Reference Centre. We have designed a place with digital and traditional library resourcesspace  to studyread, and share ideas. For the younger students, we also have available a creative space for educational and recreational activities with or without the use of technological tools (such as cameras, camcorders).  After further discussion with the community, it has also been determined that we will provide trainings and educational meetings (1 per month) at the center on specific topics such as: social skills and relationships, violence prevention, building positive self-esteem, developing a critical sense, pro-activity , financial education, integration into a working environment, creating and sending CVs, hygiene and health, sex education. 


Li Ch’utam’s goal is to overcome the conditions of extreme poverty in the community so they no longer represent an obstacle to education and personal developmentWe can have a decisive impact on the lives of the adults of the future!

With YOUR help we can continue providing these important projects to the students of our community. The funds we raise will be used 100% to maintain the IT and Knowledge Center and thus provide a safe and easily accessible environment for students of all ages to learn.

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